Writing for the minister or the mayor

One-day workshop on writing briefs and correspondence

One of the more challenging aspects of writing in the public sector – at local, state and federal levels – is the need to write letters to the public to be signed by a minister of state or a mayor and to brief those politicians in writing. Why is this such a complex task?

  • Politicians need a different approach to writing from public servants, but you may never meet them to ask them what they like.
  • Nor are you generally acquainted with the members of public, or with the lobby groups and organisations you are writing to on behalf of the politician.
  • There are complex approval processes for all the documents and some of these are very hard to understand.
  • Templates and rules on style can change suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • Many of the topics you write about are highly complex and sensitive – yet you have to write about them in one or two pages.

This is a pragmatic course, run by facilitators with great depth of experience in writing ministerials and in working with politicians and public servants. It helps participants :

  • understand the process of writing ministerials
  • understand the critical elements of a good ministerial response
  • deal with a political environment and provide impartial advice
  • understand how to be positive, even when giving bad news
  • write quickly and concisely.

Participants will analyse case studies and practise writing letters and a challenging ministerial brief. You will do this course if you work in local, state or federal government and you want to improve your skills at writing briefs and correspondence. You may be new in government or quite experienced – many people struggle with the demands and frustrations of this part of their work.

If you would like to find out more about Writing for the minister or the mayor, or to make a booking, contact me here.