Refreshing grammar basics

Half day course on grammar basics

Grammar is one of those things we’re all supposed to know but, hey, haven’t the rules changed lately? Why do quotation marks look like this ‘ ’ instead of like this “ ”? What happened to whom and to not splitting infinitives? Why don’t we have semi-colons in dot point lists? Are there any rules at all anymore? And, if there are rules, why didn’t anyone tell me about them?

It’s true the rules have changed, but half a day is enough to cover the grammar basics you’ll need to write well for work. That’s why we offer this enjoyable (really!) half-day course. People who do Refreshing grammar basics include those who:

  • never learned grammar at school
  • learned grammar at school but forgot it
  • did really well at school grammar but found the rules had all changed when they started work.

The course covers:

  • parts of speech (only what you need to know)
  • sentence construction, including what to do when the Microsoft grammar checker tells you to reconsider your sentence fragments
  • up-to-date use of commas, apostrophes, colons and semi-colons and any other punctuation points you need help with
  • usage issues like whether to say lie or lay, or affect or effect
  • active and passive voice and why people care about them
  • where to go for reliable help when you have a grammar query (and it’s not that 20-year-old grammar book you’ve kept from school).

It’s only half a day of your working life and it will save you from suffering endless embarrassing corrections on your written work and the tedium of constant rewriting.

If you would like to find out more about the Refreshing grammar basics workshop, or to make a booking, contact me here