Public sector writing

One-day Public sector writing workshop for people who write briefings, letters, emails and reports

Do you sit looking at a blank computer screen dreading the thought of starting? In this light-hearted, interactive workshop, you can learn how to approach each writing task with confidence and skill.

When you work in government, you may be writing to the minister, a leader of industry or an unemployed person in the same day. This highly practical course gives you techniques for writing to different readers and helps you clarify your purpose in writing.

You’ll learn how to:

  • overcome writer’s block
  • identify purpose
  • analyse your readers
  • plan for a clear, logical structure
  • use the kind of language needed in government writing
  • write for someone else’s signature
  • invite your readers into a document and finish strongly
  • understand how people read and process information
  • write more quickly
  • write more concisely.

After doing this course, you will:

  • feel less frustrated and confused about writing in government
  • be able to identify and target your audience
  • plan quickly, write quickly, edit slowly
  • get results from your writing
  • know where to go for more help with writing.

This course will suit you if you are new to local, state or federal government or if you have been in government some time but done very little writing. If you hate writing, but know you need it for promotion, it is the right course for you – but you’ll enjoy it if you like writing as well. During this course, you will be writing, talking, asking questions you aren’t game to ask at work, getting feedback and having fun. Why wouldn’t you do it?

If you would like to find out more about Public sector writing, or to make a booking, contact me here.