Persuasive public sector writing intensive

Two-day tailored workshop for your workplace

This intensive workshop is tailored exclusively for the particular needs of your workplace. Workshop design is based on discussions with, and/or surveys of, senior managers in your department.

That means you know that doing this course will give you exactly the writing skills you need to be a high performer in your organisation, whether you work in state, local or federal government.

The content of the program will vary according to the needs of your workplace, but the process will work like this:

  1. A WriteBusiness facilitator with a strong background in writing for the public sector will work with your organisation to analyse the kind of writing they want. Senior managers will sign off on a two-day training program once they are satisfied it meets the specific writing needs of the workplace.
  2. Day one of training will lay down critical writing skills, with plenty of practice exercises.
  3. Participants will write a workplace document that is relevant to their job and submit it to the facilitator.
  4. Day two of training will include group feedback on the workplace documents, with individual comments being provided confidentially in writing. It will also include a brief revision of writing principles, and you will work on deeper aspects of writing to persuade and influence.

This course is practical and interactive. It firmly establishes good writing practices for life, with a focus on the needs of a particular workplace. If you only get a chance to do one workplace writing course in your life, this is the one you should do.

If you would like to find out more about the Persuasive public sector writing intensive, or to make a booking, contact me here.