Flash writing workshops

Flash Writing workshops are two-hour, active learning sessions that you can fit into a working day. In each one, you’ll learn a specific skill that will improve your writing.

Here are some popular flash writing workshops. Pick one of these, or ask us to design one for your particular writing need. These workshops are designed for classes of up to 20 people. Participants can either bring their own work documents along to develop, or use examples that we provide. As with all our courses, there’s a 100 per cent money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the workshop.

Getting started This is a power session for people who stare at the screen a long time before starting and then give up and go for coffee. Procrastinate no longer. Some simple writing techniques will help you get started on the most complex writing task. In two hours, you will find a technique that suits you and practise it. Afterwards you may even find it’s fun to write documents that seemed hopelessly large and forbidding before.

Six steps to perfect copy If you’ve ever written in haste and repented later, you’ll want this session on the essentials of editing and proofreading. You’ll learn—and practise—a six-step system for checking your work. If you follow these steps each time, you can avoid embarrassing errors that make you look unprofessional. We also offer a half-day course on editing and proofreading or you can add some grammar essentials and make it a full day.

Writing the succinct one-pager Do you write submissions, proposals, briefs, memos or executive summaries? Do you find it hard to reduce complex information and ideas into a simple-one-page document that executives can read in a couple of minutes? This practical course shows a simple way of working with classic business templates to summarise your ideas succinctly. As always, we explain the method and you practise it, so you can remember it easily when you go back to work.

Elements of persuasion Do you have something important and useful to say, but you find it difficult to persuade people of its value? This course introduces you to the essential elements of persuasive writing, to make sure you are presenting your arguments in a way that will get results.

Writing news and promotional stories for the web Do you write news stories, interviews and small features to promote your organisation on the web or in newsletters? This is an opportunity to work intensively for two hours with an experienced journalist to practise the skills of:

  • interviewing
  • choosing your angle
  • writing a lead
  • choosing the right words
  • writing concisely.

If you would like to find out more about Flash writing workshops or to make a booking, contact me here