Editing and Proofreading Workshop

Half-day editing & proofreading workshop to learn a system for perfecting your writing (or the writing of others)

The woman who wrote that she had ‘Good attention to detale’ on her resume did not get the job. Nor did the man who explained a year out of the workforce by the fact he was ‘renovating my horse’. They might have been just great at those jobs, but typos, spelling mistakes, and small errors in grammar suggest a lack of care and precision to most employers.

This light-hearted, practical half-day editing and proofreading course is for anyone who wants a systematic process for checking workplace documents and getting them perfect. It helps whether you are checking your own work or somebody else’s.

We also offer a workshop called Managing writers for supervisors who want tips on managing writing for a team and providing support and feedback to writers.

This course covers:

  • a step-by-step process for checking a document from the first draft stage to finished product
  • the difference between editing and proofreading and how to do both
  • exercises in improving structure, clarity, flow, tone, and language
  • tips on punctuation
  • where to go for help when spell check can’t help you.

Facilitators for this course are experienced workplace editors and great teachers who like to make their subject easy and fun. Half a day is a small investment of your life for saving you embarrassment and giving you a reputation for care and professionalism in your writing.

If you would like to find out more about the Editing and proofreading workshop or to make a booking, contact me here.

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